Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bathroom Renovation - Day 5

The Pink Bathroom used to be set up as two completely separate rooms. One room held the non-working tub and the falling-apart sink. The other room housed only the toilet.

One of the reasons it’s taken 10 years to address these under-performing rooms is that we kept trying to figure out an inexpensive way to make a single space for all those fixtures. It’s too tedious to explain the mismatching windows and the placement of the radiator and how that, along with several other factors, makes it practically impossible to reconfigure the plumbing. So we worked with a designer and created an elaborate plan to change everything and keep everything the same, all at once.

Everything was removed: tub, sink, floor, walls, the greatest storage cabinet a bathroom could ever have. The plan was to replace everything in exactly the same place, but with new fixtures that actually worked. But the plumber just told Scott that the toilet will now need to face the door.

“It’s some sort of code regulation,” Scott said. “Apparently, if you need to poop, you are required to have a full 21 inches of space in front of you.”

How do you get a job figuring out that kind of stuff? What do you tell your kids when they ask what you do for a living? “I figure out how much clearance you need to poop.” A job like that affects so many lives, yet goes virtually unnoticed.

So now we have to move a wall that we were previously not going to touch. This gives us more room between the sink and the tub, something we desperately needed, but seemed too costly to bother with. The decision has now been made for us, though, so, whoever you are, Mr. Poop-Clearance-Decider, I guess we owe you a beer.

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