Monday, September 22, 2014

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

After a week on The Whole Life Challenge everybody seems to report feeling better. But a lot of people are complaining that they're not losing weight.

I mentioned this before, but now that you have a week under your belt, I'm going to mention it again. You will, in all likelihood, lose weight on this plan...but it probably won't happen for a few weeks. This was the pattern for most everyone in previous games. I was despondent by week 2 that I had been 100 percent compliant and not lost a single pound. I felt great, but I didn't give a shit about that...I wanted to be thinner.

Captain Sharon urged me to stick it out, sharing that she didn't lose any weight until the very end -- and then dropped like 13 pounds. I did stick it out and the scale did not move until week 6. Yes, that is a lot of weeks with no cheese and no weight loss to show for it.

But in that time, even though my weight was the same, I could already feel my body starting to change. Yours will too.

I know, I know, I's too long.

I don't know what to tell you except to say this: Your body will work better without sugar and bread in it. Period. Your body will work better with plenty of healthy fats in it. Your body will work better with lots of nutritious fruits and vegetables in it. And once your body really believes that you're going to feed it properly, for the long haul, it can finally let go of the fat it holds onto because you've been (nutritionally) starving it.

I, like you, thought I used to "eat healthy." If anyone told me I was starving my body nutritionally, I would have just told them flat out they were wrong. But I don't think I understood the toll it takes on our bodies to process all the "crap" we put into it in addition to the healthy stuff. I'm on the verge of using a grade-of-gas-in-your-car metaphor, but I don't really think I have to.

Is this true? I have no idea. But a lot of new research bears it out and, besides, you feel good, so just hang in there.

As soon as I have time I'm going to try and write about hormones and how they seemingly play into this whole process.

(If you're not feeling better yet, I would try to get off all sugar completely. Even if it's just for a week.)



  1. Do you believe that higher grade gas is better for your car? All the cars I've owned over the years actually recommend the lower grade gas. The higher grades just seem like a scam. Not that this diet is a scam. I'm just referencing your metaphor. The one you didn't make.

  2. Getting off sugar...the hardest part of all!!