Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Green Eyed Monster Strikes Again

I just received this email from one of my Friday tennis mates:


I just read the "Dream" Blog...what the hell is up with being giddy with Monday tennis?

What the hell is wrong with Friday tennis?

Is it Gina? So, she's gone...we all had to deal with it. OK, i will give her the great forehand-crosscourt shot. But other than that, what could it be? I could go blonde. I could wear glasses.

I am searching my soul...shaking my head...furrowing my brow (which is not helping my youthful appearance).

My mind is clouded with uncertainty.

(is crosscourt one word or two?)


It’s true. Sometimes the Friday players feel threatened by the Monday group. In fact, everyone seems like they feel a little insecure about pairings and groupings and who’s playing whom. Tennis seems to take us all back to a scary, primal place (think: middle school) where, when we see each other playing on a different day with a different group, we think: Does she like that group more than our group? Is she having more fun with them?

I sometimes wonder whether the older women on the adjacent court feel like that about each other. Whether Mabel is looking wistfully two courts away at the Widow VonHoff because Widow VonHoff seems to be smiling a little more this week than when she and Mabel were partners. And if they do, I wonder whether that’s just because we’re women. And women are petty and insecure.

Or whether it’s because we’re women, and we’re built to fall in love. Over and over and over again.

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