Thursday, May 24, 2018

Crushing Monday (New York Times Piece!!)

Back in November, a writer friend told me about someone in Iowa (a friend of hers) who was looking to do an evening of readings about "Launching Your Kid." My friend said, "I bet you have something like that."

As it happens, I was working on a piece about that exact topic and this was exactly the fire under my butt I needed to actually finish it.

I wrote the story. The story changed. I wrote it again. (And then revised it a million times.) I sent it off in February, knowing I wouldn't hear anything back until late spring.

Then, in a what-the-hell moment, I sent it to the New York Times to see if there was any interest. It bounced around a little and then found a home in Word Play -- a blog about crossword puzzling that, I must admit, I had no idea existed.

I still don't know if it will be accepted for the Iowa reading, but even if it is, this is quite a different essay than I originally submitted for the Kid Launching project.

Link to The Language of Letting Go

In any case, I feel very lucky.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Tiny Whole Life Challenge Announcement

Hi there,

I just wanted to announce that I've done some much-needed blog house-cleaning and organized all the Whole Life Challenge Posts into a tidy little list in the margin. If you're viewing this on your phone, there may not be a margin -- you need to go to the bottom of a post and click on View Web Version. It's an imperfect system, I know. But if you're looking for reasons to drink more water, now you know where to find them.