Thursday, October 22, 2009

Am I Crazy About Tennis?

I couldn’t wait to get to tennis today.

The game started at 11 and over the next hour and a half we managed to discuss inaccurate body images, various methods of organizing our to-do lists and had a quick recap of our undergarments.

We wondered whether we could manage if we had to play tennis in the well-mannered south.

We childishly distracted Laura the Tennis Pro from her serious team-tennis coaching responsibilities three courts down. Admired the cute tennis ladies on the next court, each of us surreptitiously picking which one we hoped to grow into 25 years from now. And of course I silently chastised myself for being a hothead when players show up late for a game.

We also managed to discuss the gluten intolerance of two of the players, the ADD of those players’ kids as well as one player’s need for caffeine for her own ADD. The curiously – no make that eerily -- high incidence of breast cancer on one of our town’s streets. The mom in town who just passed away this week at age 39. (They said she’d died of cancer. I had thought it was something else.) The beloved elementary school teacher who’s on hiatus this year for cancer treatment.

Then we hauled out all the friend-and-family cancers. My dad’s. Ann’s dad’s. Lynn’s first friend who died of breast cancer in her thirties.

We even played a few good points amidst some outright buffoonery.

I don’t really expect anyone to understand this, but to me, those 90 minutes were like heaven on earth.

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