Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My New Coconut Bra

Speaking of bras, not only do I have the two new ones I bought at the lingerie store last week, I also received one as a gift from Laura the Tennis Pro. We all did, actually. At our End of The Indoor Season Tennis Luncheon, which Shelley hosted and is now, days later, still recovering from.

Laura wanted to give us all a little something that was meaningful, yet whimsical. And what fits that description better than a coconut bra?

Laura thought we should all have some sort of matching apparel, split and particular as we are about our panties. I was surprised the bras came in more than one size – but the fit is not as exacting as the ones from Bra Heaven. Still, they were comfortable. We all put them on over our blouses and soon forgot we had them on.

Gina was the first to disengage and start fiddling with it. She determined quickly that if you tap the two cups together – so just the edges meet – it sounds just like the “horses” in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Of course you’ll remember Eric Idle and Company “air galloping” through some or other wood and each having a coconut shell that he clapped together to create the clip-clop sound of the “horses.” Gina was frighteningly good at softening the clap to make it fade out. “This is what they sounded like when they stopped,” she said.

I don’t typically leave my undergarments lying around the house, but I did drop my coconut bra on the kitchen counter along with my car keys when I got home. From the other room I heard my husband and my younger son trying to figure out what it was. “What are these brown clam shells doing here?” my husband asked.

“It’s something of Mom’s,” my son rightly said.

I could have let them go on like that, but I’m afraid it would have gotten stored away with our white ceramic clam-shaped dish, the one that sits in the back of the cabinet and never sees the light of day. So I yelled out, “That’s my new coconut bra!” and pretty much just left it at that.