Friday, May 14, 2010

Bathroom Renovation - Day 2

The demo guy looks like Brad Pitt. Not the 2010 Brad, with that hideous foot-long blues patch he seems to insist on sporting. The Thelma and Louise Brad, all innocent and bedimpled. (Ok, that T&L Brad wasn’t so innocent, but he was innocent-looking, which is to say, adorable.)

This renovation has only been going on two days and already there seems to be an endless supply of adorably cute, workboot-clad tradesmen parading around my house. Why are construction workers always so cute?

Is this secretly the reason why every woman I know is constantly remodeling their living space? Am I the last to understand this phenomenon?

Brad approached me at the end of the workday and asked if I’d like to see what they had done. Of course I did. But it took all my willpower and restraint not to reach up to him and say, “Just get over here and let me pinch those cheeks.”

If you had seen him you would have thought the exact same thing. You really would.