Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thankful After All

I have a friend whom I really, really love. When she goes away I feed her cats for her. She's very devoted to her cats and leaves long instructional notes (plus Post-Its) even if she's only gone a day. Over the weekend, part of her instruction note said, "If [the sickly cat] hasn't used the litter box, please bring him to it and put him in. You don't have to hold his ass straight while he pees (though I do) but that will ensure that the pee stays in the box."

Now, when a friend writes a note like that, she's saying, "you don't have to hold my cat's ass," but you know what she really means is, "I hope you can find it in your heart to do what I do for him." These are the little moments where you come to understand what your friendships are really made of.

I was grateful, this Thanksgiving weekend, that the sickly cat HAD used the litter box and that I did not have to put him in there or hold his ass while he peed. Although I like to think I would have.

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