Sunday, June 6, 2010


You know how when you buy a new house, or move into a new apartment, you have to tear out the carpeting or take down the wallpaper – do something to make the house feel like yours? Well, apparently our fine, feathered friends feel similarly. The babies only flew away a week ago and already our porch nest has been flipped, or sublet, or otherwise reoccupied.

I assumed, once the babies were gone, that the nest would have no use to anyone. I was going to take it down from its little nook this week, but hadn’t yet gotten around to it. (It makes the porch look a little unkempt.) But, in a classic case of early-bird-worm-catching, I’m too late. The nest has been repurposed.

To me, there doesn’t seem anything wrong about moving into pre-owned digs, but I have to admit, I was a little surprised that birds would do such a thing. I thought they’d be all, New, new, new -- I need FRESH dead grass and FRESH dried leaves! But evidently all they need is to add a new layer of detritus to the preexisting nest and, voila, they’re ready for action.

I could tell right away that the nest had been “fluffed.” It looks like someone took a little Cape Cod and added a second story to it. This morning, there was a brand new Mama sitting in it, presumably on new eggs. I don’t know how long this will go on, but I’ve already gotten Scott mentally prepared for the porch scrubbing he’ll be in for when these tenants leave. It’s true, birds are not known for their cleanliness, and these fellows seem to consider our mahogany flooring their own personal toilet.

I hope we haven’t developed a reputation as a flophouse. Maybe it’s time to move the washing machine back indoors.

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