Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rules, Rules, Rules.

Have I had just had my first taste of what it will be like getting my son through high school?

He joined the Cross Country Team and they’ve been in pre-season for the past two weeks. Up every morning at 6:30, at the track by 7:30, running sprints and laps and miles around the park, rain or shine. It’s hard, it’s hot, it ‘s early and it’s daily. On the way, he turns the car stereo up loud and finds music to inspire him. It’s his only chance to lodge a song in his head to run to. The boys are not allowed to wear headphones while they run. The coaches call it the Billy D. Rule.

Billy D. was a Cross Country Runner at the high school a few years back. He always ran with his iPod and was reportedly hit six times by cars as a result of his not being attentive enough.

Six times?

Wouldn’t you think just once would do the trick?

Not long ago I entertained fantasies of my son getting through high school and being able to send him off to some great Engineering School. Now all I care about is that he gets through four years without having any Rules named after him.

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