Sunday, August 30, 2009

Scheduling Playdates in the 21st Century

I have always been a reluctant phone texter. I had an old phone, I texted by accessing letters on the number pad, and within two back-and-forth exchanges I would just type: Call me.

But now I have a new phone. And this phone has a qwerty keyboard. I can text almost as fast as I can think. (Ok, faster.)

Not only do I now answer incoming texts in full, properly punctuated sentences, I even initiate contact on matters both big and small. This text exchange took place last week with a local dad whose son is often playdate candidate for my own. I’ve transcribed it practically verbatim. (Well, I changed his son’s name -- not so much for privacy, but because he is named after a popular month and I was worried that might make the dialogue unnecessarily confusing.)

Me: is Ashton available to play today?

Dad Around Town: No tomorrow though?

Me: tomorrow is good.

Dad Around Town: Ok great. Will touch base later. Must teach tomorrow morning otherwise he’s around.

Me: do u want me to take him while u teach?

Dad Around Town: would have to drop him off by nine though

Me: thats ok.

Dad Around Town: Btw. Who is this

Me: lol. serious? its Jessica.

Dad Around Town: Semi serious. It was either you or a pedophile. Not charming enough for a pedophile so my money was on you.

Me: I lack the charm of a pedophile? this what you’re saying?

Dad Around Town: Exactly. Consider that a compliment

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