Thursday, April 9, 2009


Some of us spent the first night of Passover developing an entirely new tradition. This is taken from my friend Gina’s Facebook page. I think Gina describes herself as a recovering Mormon. But what I love even more is that aside from Gina, I don’t even know these people.

Her original post was at 7:06 pm:

Oy! Such a shiksa
unpacking Seder meal from
brown Whole Foods cartons!

Jessica Wolf at 7:09pm April 8
Why should this night be
diff'rent from any other?
My kids ate hot dogs.

Gina Taylor at 7:29pm April 8
What? No matzoh here?
Surely Sylvia's first-born
son deserves better!

Sal Nunziato at 7:45pm April 8
Can I play this too
Though I'm really not a Jew
My friends think I am.

Eric Stover at 8:01pm April 8
Not Jewish either.
Had hash browns and eggs for dinner.
Goats blood on door, right?

Eric Stover at 8:18pm April 8
I love Haiku too,
Sometimes I just don't count right.
I should try Tanka

Gina Taylor at 9:12pm April 8
As long as it's not
Sanka, which, so I've been told,
is much like brown swill.

Gina Taylor at 9:12pm April 8
What? Not Jewish, Sal?
Your neurotic tendencies
Suggest otherwise.

Gina Taylor at 9:14pm April 8
Replacing hash browns
With matzoh makes matzoh brei.
A Jewish delight!

Sal Nunziato at 9:17pm April 8
See? What I tell ya?
Last names mean nothing these days.
Please pass the matzoh.

Richard Goldman at 9:47pm April 8
Passover? Yeah, right.
To cope with the dental hell,
soft tofu for me.

Erika Brockhouse Machamer at 7:50am April 9
Adam Sandler sings:
"OJ Simpson, Not a Jew."
No Matzoh for him.

Me, here, now
I’m exhausted from
a stimulating night of
Passover Haiku!


  1. Opened door for Elijah
    Gefilte went down not well
    Ex-shiksa snuck in and stole TV

  2. One in the 3-5-3 format:

    Craving pain,
    Jews thought up matzoh.
    Ass spackle.

    This came in to my email, and I can only assume the author did not want to post publicly - so I will withhold his name. But, seriously, it's too good not to share.